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So Shocking Origine bracelet in white gold and white diamonds

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Fall for a chic and elegant creation that will dress your wrist with luminous energy...

Essentially in 750 thousandths white gold, this modern and delicate bracelet aims to honour the brand's origins while modernising it. This desire is reflected in the presence of a diamond-studded bar that breaks the pure curves of the buckle. A subtle confrontation with the banality of things that won't make you regret daring to do what you want. 

Dare to assert your character and succumb to the softness offered by this bracelet.

  • Woman
  • White gold 750 ‰
  • 3
  • 15 cm
    17 cm
    18 cm
    avec anneaux de réglage
  • Poussettes
  • Forçat mesh
  • Diamond
  • 4
  • Bright round
  • Or blanc 750 ‰